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Experienced IRS representation.


Mr. Gardner started his practice in 1996 after working several years with the IRS in the examination and appeal sections. His practice has always concentrated in the IRS representation area. Mr. Gardner has helped thousands of taxpayers solve their IRS problems. Most CPAs know little about the IRS and avoid this type of work but Mr. Gardner enjoys using his knowledge and experience with the IRS to help his clients.

Some prospective clients ask if we can solve their tax problems since we are located in another city. The answer is that we help clients all over the country. Most of our contacts with the IRS are not done in person, but rather through phone, fax, and mail. Collections operate under standardized national guidelines so there is no difference between a revenue offer in California, New York, or Texas. We can solve your tax problems regardless of where you are located.

Our Director

Mr. Keith Gardner
Certified Public Accountant
Enrolled Agent