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Whether you owe back taxes that you cannot pay, have unfiled tax returns, or your wages or bank account have been levied, we can help. Most taxpayers do not know their rights or understand IRS policy and procedures, that's why you need help to solve your tax problems. Mr. Gardner is a former Revenue Agent who understands the internal workings of the IRS and will use his knowledge and experience to help solve your IRS problems in the most efficient and effective manner possible. We give your case the personal attention and care that it deserves. Don't take on the IRS alone. Call us today. Your freedom from worry and peace of mind or worth the call.

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Do you owe back taxes to the IRS?
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Tax liens, wage and bank levies, property seizures, and substitute for returns are some of the powerful enforcement tools available to the IRS that can destroy your family finances and ruin your business. No threat to your financial security is as serious as owing the IRS. While the IRS has powerful enforcement tools, you as a taxpayer have equally powerful laws to protect yourself. We are a professional tax corporation and have helped thousands of taxpayers permanently put their tax problems behind them. We offer relief services including, release of wage or bank levies, installment agreements, offer in compromise, suspension of collection activity, or abatement of penalties. We can also effectively represent you for an IRS audit, appeal protest, request innocent spouse relief, or perform a tax transcript review. I am a Houston area CPA and a former IRS agent on your side to help you with your IRS problems.